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Research News
Managing the “Internet of Things”*

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a software platform designed to manage and control devices for “Internet of Things” (IoT) systems. The platform can be tailored for everything from city management sensors and devices to controlling home appliances.

A radiation-free method for diagnosing scoliosis*

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed new technology that enables safer and more frequent screenings for scoliosis.

Life-prolonging protein could inhibit ageing diseases*

Researchers have found a molecule that plays a key link between dietary restriction and longevity in mammals. This discovery may lead to the development of new therapies to inhibit age-related diseases.

Changing activity in the ageing brain*

Normal ageing affects our ability to carry out complex cognitive tasks. But exactly how our brain functions change during this process is largely unknown. Now, researchers in Malaysia have demonstrated that ageing changes the activity patterns in specific brain regions involved in memory and cognition.

Testing for tuberculosis*

Researchers in Malaysia and Iran have developed a simple diagnostic test to quickly and reliably detect tuberculosis in humans.




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