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Research News
Enhancing the productivity of yarn makers*

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a new yarn manufacturing technology that can increase productivity with less energy consumption.

Ozone antiseptic shows potential for treating severe gum infections*

A powerful new antiseptic agent, called ozone nanobubble water, holds promise for the treatment of periodontitis, or severe gum infections, according to research published in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.

Mapping Singapore’s urban heat island phenomenon*

Researchers in Singapore are developing a microclimatic modelling tool to prevent further deterioration of the country’s urban heat island phenomenon.

Main ContePhilippines creates marine biodiversity database*

The world’s epicentre of marine biodiversity is under threat. Researchers in the Philippines are developing a marine biodiversity database to help identify local hotspots requiring urgent management.

Can a little loving kindness improve our mental health?

Mindfulness - an ancient Buddhist approach to meditation - is attracting increasing attention in the 21st century as a non-invasive treatment for stress and depression. But can it improve mental well-being in young people?




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