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Research News
Brittle Stars inspire new generation robots able to adapt to physical damage

The invention of a robot made to adapt to unexpected physical damage is a significant breakthrough for machines made to function in tough environments.

Bee-mimicking Clearwing Moth Buzzes Back to Life After 130 Years

Entomologist Gets First-ever Footage of the Lost Species in Primeval Jungles of Malaysia.

From A Mutual Support Community To More Mutual Support Communities

The Senior Connect Group is formed to promote health through social participation in a residential area. The researchers provide empathetic listening skill training for the seed group in the community. Three aspects were identified to increase awareness and mutual support: (1) prevention through education (2) medic alert (3) rehabilitative support.

UNIST Researchers Develop Silicon Chip-based Quantum Photonic Devices

An international team of researchers, affiliated with South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has presented a core technology for quantum photonic devices used in quantum information processing. Their work has been published in the November issue of the prestigious journal, Nano Letters.

Wet plasma makes a nano-sized splash

Silicon microelectronics and biomedical fields could benefit from a safe and cost-effective way to synthesize nanoparticles.