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Research News
The Board will Now Vote

Well-structured corporate governance frameworks are necessary to ensure that companies adhere to ethics and best practices, says a researcher from Singapore Management University.

When Punches Fly in Cyberspace

A researcher from Singapore Management University examines how legal practice has changed in response to the internet and technology.

Building a Programmer’s Toolbox

A researcher from Singapore Management University is on a mission to improve software coding by developing tools to support high quality, error-free code.

Birdcages source of dengue virus

Researchers in Malaysia and Japan have found that birdcages kept at home may be a breeding site for mosquitoes that transmit dengue virus to humans.

UNIST Professor Named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Steve Granick (Director, IBS Center for Soft and Living Matter) at UNIST has been recognized by one of America's most prestigious honorary societies.




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