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Revealing the Mechanism for Sustaining Biological Rhythms

Researchers from Korea and US have constructed a biological circuit that spans two genetically engineered strains of bacteria, one serves as an activator and the other as a repressor to regulate gene expression across multiple cell types, and found that the circuit generates surprisingly robust rhythms under various conditions.

Manipulating the Rotational Direction of Artificial Molecular Motors Using Supramolecules

A research group in Japan has fabricated molecular motors on a metal substrate using supramolecules, and successfully reversed rotation of molecular motors by rearranging bonding between molecules that constitute a supramolecule.

Motion of Supramolecular Machines Successfully Controlled through Simple Mechanical Manipulation

Researchers in Japan found that molecular machines can be easily manipulated using very small mechanical energy, taking advantage of the property that they aggregate on the surface of water.

Development of Growth Factor-Free Tissue Adhesive Porous Films Singularly Capable of Promoting Angiogenesis

A group in Japan has developed tissue adhesive porous films that promote angiogenesis without using growth factors. This new technology may contribute to medical cost reduction making expensive growth factors-free.

Enhancing rice production during climate change in Malaysia

A Malaysian rice variety gives higher yields with less fertilizer compared to two other varieties grown in Southeast Asia. This could be key to increasing food security in times of climate change, according to a recent analysis published in the Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science (JTAS).




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