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Research News
KAIST researchers develop ultrathin, transparent oxide thin-film transistors for wearable displays

The technology enables development of transparent flexible displays which can be transferred onto the skin at a low cost.

Singapore scientists grow mini human brains

Mini midbrains provide next generation platforms to investigate human brain biology, diseases and therapeutics.

UNIST Named among Global ‘Rising Stars’ by Nature Index

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea, has been named among the top 100 world-leading institutions for high-quality science in the Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars supplement.

Cuttable Display Sheets Developed

A research group in Japan has developed new display sheets that can be cut into any shape with scissors.


A novel, low cost and green lithiated tin vanadium oxide compound has been synthesized via simple, economical and scalable sol-gel method to replace the conventional graphite as electrode material for lithium-ion batteries. This material has a long technological lifespan as it can last long as long as it is well-kept under moisture free condition.




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