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Singapore Researchers Develop First Animal-Free Screening Platforms To Predict Toxic Kidney Injury

Researchers in Singapore have developed the first animal-free screening platforms capable of predicting the toxic effects of compounds on the human kidney accurately.

Recreating Embryonic Development “In A Dish” To Study Drugs That Cause Birth Defects

Researchers in Singapore, for the first time, have recreated two key processes essential for fetal formation in vitro. The team has not only controlled the differentiation of stem cells into other cell types, but they have also demonstrated the successful migration of these transformed cells.

PolyU formed University Social Responsibility Network with world renowned universities and inaugurated in Hong Kong for advocating international partnership

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University joined hands with eleven renowned universities around the globe to form a University Social Responsibility Network to spearhead USR with impact to make the world a better place.

Unveiling distribution of protons and oxygen vacancies in perovskite-type proton conductors

A new strategy to open a practical use of intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells.

Navigating the unknown

A computer algorithm that copies the navigation functionality of humans and animals helps robots navigate unfamiliar spaces.




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