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Research News
Milk Thistle Shines Hope in the Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Researchers from University of Malaya discover that herbal supplement (milk thistle) may be useful for improving liver damage in patients with fatty liver disease.

New Photocatalyst Speeds up the Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Chemical Resources

A new oxygen-deficient titanium dioxide prepared with Mg reduction method drastically improves the carbon dioxide conversion efficiency up to three times the efficiency of existing photocatalyst. It is expected to be applied for carbon dioxide resources and reduction technology.

Nagoya University Researchers Break Down Plastic Waste

Nagoya University-based research team develops new highly efficient catalyst for breaking resistant chemical bonds, paving the way for easier recycling of plastic waste.

Solid acetylene reagent

Acetylene is one of the primary starting materials for chemical synthesis. However, acetylene is known as gas, which is highly flammable, dangerous and difficult to use in regular research laboratories. A novel solid acetylene regent was developed to make chemical applications safe and easy to use (doi: 10.1039/c7gc00724h).

Catalytic teamwork transforms propane

Tungsten and titanium compounds join forces to turn a common alkane into other hydrocarbons.