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Research News
Crystal Clear

Atomic-resolution transmission electron microscopy of electron beam-sensitive crystalline materials

2D Tin (Stanene) without Buckling: A Possible Topological Insulator

Nagoya University-led researchers have produced 2D sheets of tin atoms predicted to have exotic uses in electronics.

NUS engineers invent tiny vision processing chip for ultra-small smart vision systems and IoT applications

Novel video feature extractor uses 20 times less power than existing chips and could reduce the size of untethered vision systems down to the millimetre range

Possibilities and the challenges of building intergenerational solidarity

A religious community and university collaboration provides insights to build intergenerational solidarity. Organizational, macro socio environmental intervention and the capacity of interpersonal relationship are crucial catalysts to enhance intergenerational solidarity.

Blasting dental plaque with microbubbles

Researchers have found a way to remove plaque from dental implants to improve oral hygiene.