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Research News
Up in the air over Arabia: Studying dusty air has both local and global significance

KAUST studies of the effects and transport of dust in the atmosphere yields insights about pollution, climate, agriculture, industry and health

High-sensitivity cameras reveal the atomic structure of metal-organic frameworks

Highly sensitive electron cameras allow researchers to see the atomic structure of metal-organic frameworks.

Gene sequences reveal secrets of symbiosis

Genome sequences of dinoflagellate algae indicate how they maintain their symbiotic relationship with corals.

Collapsed chloroplasts are targeted in self-eating process

Researchers at Tohoku University have identified a previously uncharacterized type of autophagy, during which an autophagic process termed chlorophagy removes collapsed chloroplasts in plant leaves. The findings could lead to new methods for controlling the aging of plants.

Going carbon free boosts battery life

Dropping the carbon from a key battery component could finally enable long-life, low-cost grid-connected batteries for renewable energy storage.