ResearchSEA can promote your research and academic expertise to the worldwide media and global community quickly and effectively.

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 Press Releases

Specialist writing
Our experienced writers and editors can turn newsworthy research papers into press releases and articles. Our 10 step process ensures consistent high quality writing.

Press release distribution
In our tailored distribution, we access approximately 1.4 million journalists around the world, by country, media and subject of interest, to ensure your press release is targeted to the right journalists. In our general distribution, we maintain a high profile website used by more than 1500 journalists as well as thousands of researchers and students interested in Asian research.


Daily news coverage
We monitor 150,000 news sites each day in all major languages, so you can track your global news coverage daily.

News coverage analysis
By analysing your news coverage, we can suggest tips to more effectively engage the media.

Media workshop training
Learn to communicate effectively with journalists through our media workshop, conducted by experts in the industry. Our trainers are Ruth Francis, Head of Communications for BioMed Central and Springer UK, and Richard Stone, International News Editor for Science.


Asia Research News magazine
Our print and digital magazine, which highlights clients' top research projects, is widely distributed to researchers and journalists. Over 10,000 print copies and 1 million reads online. Find out more about Asia Research News magazine.

Research newsletters
If you like Asia Research News, why not let us produce your research newsletters and conference magazines.

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