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ResearchSEA is Asia's first research news portal, a one-stop centre where journalists and members of the public can gain access to news and local experts from the research world in Asia.

Since 2005, ResearchSEA has been connecting research in Asia with the international media. For universities and research institutions, we promote new research findings and academic expertise to the media quickly and effectively. We can turn newsworthy papers into press releases, distribute those press releases to journalists all over the world and train researchers on how to deal with the media.

For journalists we provide exclusive access to ground-breaking research and top experts direct from universities, think tanks, journals and specialist organisations List of registered media organisations on www.researchsea.com

For universities and research institutions, our services include targeted press release distribution to journalists, specialist press release writing, news coverage monitoring, Ask An Expert service, media training workshops, Asia Research News Magazine and its associated news website www.asiaresearchnews.com, as well as specialist consultancy for research institutions,

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Interested users can register for Public, Journalist or Contributor account. With registration, you will receive email digests highlighting the latest news and research into major issues affecting Asia. You can choose daily or weekly digests in one or several of the 6 categories (Science, Technology, Medicine, Business, Culture or People). Journalist and Public accounts are free of charge at all times. Contributor Institutions pay an annual subscription fee.

 Why register as a Contributor?

ResearchSEA is the ideal media platform to promote your research to the world. If your organisation actively engages in research, then why not tell the world about your breakthrough results and profile the researchers who made it happen. ResearchSEA services for research institutions and universities include:

  • Press Release Distribution: ResearchSEA is the fastest and most effective method of getting your news to the global media. All you need to do is submit the news to us and we will distribute it to journalists around the world. Use ResearchSEA to publicise new journals, research programs, conferences, research agreements, MoU's and most importantly groundbreaking research news.
  • Ask an Expert: ResearchSEA helps journalists find and contact your experts for comments and opinions on the latest issues affecting Asia.
  • Specialist Press Release Writing: ResearchSEA will help you turn your research papers into professional press releases.
  • Daily News Monitoring: Use ResearchSEA to keep up to date with the latest news about your institution in the media
  • Asia Research News Magazines: Promote your flagship research projects in Asia Research News magazine (ISSN 2042-0536 (Print) and ISSN 2042-0544 (online))
  • Consultancy: ResearchSEA's experts can advise you on strategies to maximise your international media presence.

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Case studies:

Why send out Press Releases?

"Press releasing new research is a means of communicating the latest discoveries to the public via the media. Your press release is a vital tool that can inform many journalists of the results or reasons of your work."

    Ruth Francis, Head of Press for Nature Publishing Group

Please note: Contributor Institutions pay an annual subscription fee for ResearchSEA's services. If your institution would like to join ResearchSEA, please email info@researchsea.com for more information.

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 Why register as a Journalist?

Asia is on the verge of a knowledge revolution. Many Asian researchers are working on groundbreaking solutions to local and global issues, which will affect the international public.

  • ResearchSEA brings you the latest research, events and announcements direct from the research institutions.
  • Our Experts Database allows you to reach top experts for comments on the latest issues.
  • Only journalists have access to embargoed news and contact details of experts.

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Please note: During the registration process, you will be asked to provide proof of your status as a journalist.

 Why register as a Public user?

If you are not a journalist or news contributor, you will need to register as a Public user. You can register to stay up dated on the latest research news, books, journals, and events. Public users can also post events and contact experts on "Ask an Expert" through our online system.

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 The ResearchSEA Team

Dr Magdeline Pokar - Managing Director and Founder
She has research experience in Hydrogeology, Environmental Geophysics and Climate Change. Some of her awards include the British High Commission Chevening Award, Tun Razak Youth Leadership Award and Japan Airlines Foundation Award. She is part of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) Crucible Award for creative, enterprising young scientists in the United Kingdom and a Salzburg Global Fellow (21st Century Trust). Maggie was assistant editor to the European Geophysical Society newsletter and contributed to the popular science magazine, New Scientist. She freelanced as writer for the New Straits Times (Malaysia) and sub editor for Business Times.

Dr Daniel Raymer - Director and Founder
He is a Geophysicist with experience in the field of seismology especially with application to monitoring of hydrocarbon and geothermal reservoirs. He has experience in industry and academia with awards including a Monbusho Fellowship to Tokyo Institute of Technology awarded by Japan's Ministry of Education, a Royal Astronomical Society's Blackwell Prize for his PhD thesis and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) Crucible Award for creative, enterprising young scientists in the United Kingdom. Daniel is a Principal Research Scientist at Schlumberger Gould Research in Cambridge.

Dr Djuke Veldhuis - Editor
Djuke is enthusiastic about science communication and the 'real world' applications of scientific discoveries. She has been involved with a variety of outreach projects including Cambridge Science Festival, Schools Roadshow and the Festival of Ideas. In addition to academic journals, she has written for New Scientist and Bio News. She is a biological anthropologist with a background human evolution and adaptability research. During her journalism training she specialised in making science documentaries.

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