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Research News
Osteoporosis: Kill the messenger

A non-coding RNA molecule, which sends chemical messages from bone-absorbing to bone-forming cells, could be playing a role in osteoporosis.

Ultrasounds can decrease bone density

Prolonged prenatal ultrasound exposure leads to decreased bone density and strength in young rabbits.

Nanocages dramatically facilitate structure formation of biomolecules

Nano-size space help faster folding of molecules and stabilize the structure, which regulates enzyme reactions.

Nitrogen Foraging Ability of Plants Relies on Mobile Shoot–Root Hormone Signal

Researchers at Nagoya University have uncovered molecular shoot-to-root signal in nitrogen-starved plants, revealing role for mobile plant hormone.

Male hormone plays key role in ovarian development

Scientists have discovered that the male “androgen” hormone is an important element in the ovarian development of female chicken embryos, more so than in the development of male testes.