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Research News
Combining forces to combat E. coli PI-7

A combined treatment may help tackle the rise of E. coli PI-7 in Saudi Arabia’s wastewater systems.

Graphene E-skin helps detect strained materials [Asia Research News 2018 feature]

Chinese researchers weave thin carbon layers into a colourful and highly responsive detector that can sense strain in a way similar to human skin.

Shaping a plant [Asia Research News 2018 feature]

Flowering plant parents cooperate to guide proper development of offspring; insight that could lead to new hybrid plants.

Urbanization May Hold Key to Tiger Survival

Conservationists look at five human socioeconomic scenarios to better understand fate of endangered big cat.

Scientists Turn Carbon Emissions into Usable Energy

A team of researchers has developed a system that produces electricity and hydrogen (H2) while eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2).