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Research News
Turkestan cockroach selling online is a companion of the common household cockroach

The Turkestan cockroach (commonly known as the red runner roach or rusty red roach), which is popular as food for pet reptiles, has an interneuron extremely sensitive to sex pheromones emitted by American cockroaches.

New Genome Editing Technology for Plant Breeding

Researchers in Japan have developed a new genome editing technology in rice.

DGIST Developed an AI Radar System That Can Spot Miniature Drones 3km away

DGIST made Small AESA radar system with a super-resolution algorithm. Expects to make huge contributions to strengthening of Korean industries and defense capabilities with domestic technology.

DistME: A Fast and Elastic Distributed Matrix Computation Engine using GPUs developed by DGIST

- Can analyze 100 times more data 14 times faster than existing technology - Expected to be used in big data machine learning and various industry fields in the future

“The way you move”: Body structure brings coordinated movement

A computer model shows that a starfish-like animal can coordinate rhythmic motion based on body structure without the brain telling them to do so. This provides insights useful for physiology and robotics.