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 Dr. Sharifah Syed Hassan
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Dr. Sharifah Syed Hassan

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Areas of expertise:
virology, molecular virology, bird flu

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, UPM, Malaysia, 1983
MSc in Veterinary Microbiology, Univ. Surrey, UK, 1990
D. Phil Univ. of Oxford, UK, 1999.

Career/Work Experience

Title of position held : Director of Veterinary Research Institute (VRI)

Job Description : Virologist (15 years)
Molecular Virologist (6 years)

Service: Viral Vaccine Section, VRI (1984-1988)
Mammalian Virology Section, VRI (1988-1993)
Avian Virology Section, VRI (1993-1995)
Deputy Director 1999-2002

Sharifah S. Hassan and Polly Roy. (2000). Expression and functional characterisation of of bluetongue virus VP2 protein: Role in cell entry. J. Virology 73:9832-9842.

Maizan, M., Mohd. Ali, A.R. and Sharifah, S.H. (2000). The identification and distinction between Nipah virus and Hendra virus using RT-PCR, sequencing and restriction enzyme analysis. Asia-Pacific Jr. Mol. Biol. and Biotech. 8(2): 126-129.

S. H. Hassan, C. Wirblich, M. Forzan and P. Roy. (2001). Expression and functional characterization of bluetongue virus VP5 protein: Role in cellular permeabilization. J. Virology 75: 8356-8367.

Li Yen, C., Sharifah, S.H. and Sazaly, A.B. 2003. Kinetics of NV replication in cell culture system using Real –Time Quantitative RT-PCR. Proceedings of the 14th National Biotechnology Seminar, 11th-13th Dec, Penang, Malaysia, P 88.

Suriani, M.N., Sharifah, S.H. Maizan, M., Mohd Ali, A.R. Imada, T. 2003. Production of recombinant G-protein of Nipah virus and monoclonal antibodies against Nipah virus. In Abstract: Proceedings of the 14th National Biotechnology Seminar, 11th-13th Dec, Penang, Malaysia, P 121.

Sazaly Abu Bakar, Li-Yen Chang, A.R. Mohd Ali, S.H. Sharifah, Khatijah Yusoff and Zulkieflie Zamrod (2004). Isolation and molecular characterization of Nipah virus from pigs. (2004). Emerging infectious Diseases vol 10, No. 12 Dec 2004.

Genetic diversity of bluetongue viruses in South East Asia. (2004). Pritchard L.I., Sendow I, Lunt R, Hassan S.H., Kattenberg J, Gould A.R., Daniels P.W. and Eaton B.T. Virus Res. May;101(2): 193-201. 2004.
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