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 Prof. Sudip Rakshit
Prof. Sudip Rakshit

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Areas of expertise:
Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Biopolymers and Lipid Biotechnology, Fermentation and Enzyme Technology, Food Biotechnology, Functional Foods

Prof. Sudip Rakshit is Vice President for Research and Professor of Food Engineering Biotechnology at the Asian Institute of Technology

Ph. D. Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India; 1987.
M. Tech. Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, IIT, Delhi, India; 1982.
B. Tech. Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering, Jadabpur University, India; 1980.
B. Sc. Chemistry, Loyola College, Madras, India; 1977.

Professional Experience
January 2005 - present : Professor, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand.
1996-2004 : Associate Professor, AIT , Bangkok, Thailand.
1995- 1996: Assistant Professor, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand.
May 1995 : Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT, Madras, India.
1991-94 : Assistant Professor, IIT, Madras, India. 1987-91: Lecturer, IIT, Madras, India.
2005 (May/June) and June (2003) : Visiting faculty, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul, Korea.

1994 : Head, Center for Biosciences and Biotechnology, IIT, Madras.
1994 : Research Administrator by invitation at the National Institute of Bioscience and Human Technology, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (NIBH), Tsukuba, Japan.
1993 : Visiting Faculty, AFE Program, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, Government of India Secondment.
1986-87 : Research Associate, Council Scientific and Industrial Research, Delhi, India.

Present Research Involvements
- L'orgainization internationale de la Francophone (AUF), France.
- BIOTEC, NASTDA, Thailand.
- Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
- Southeast Asian Center for Water Environment Technology (SACWET), Bangkok, Thailand
- Royal Thai Government (RTG), Thailand
- Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
- National Institute of Biosciences and Human Technology (NIBH), Tsukuba, Japan.
- Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research, IIT, Madras.
- AIT Research Initiation Grant.
- AIT Curriculum development Award.

Research Interests
- Production of Useful Chemicals by Bioroutes: use of byproducts
- Food safety and rapid detection methods : including PCR based methods
- Functional foods and nutraceuticals : Pre- and Probiotics, PUFA, antioxidants, antimicrobials, etc.
- Food Biotechnology : Enzyme applications, thermostable enzymes
- Bioreactor Design and Analysis: Optimal Control of Bioreactors.

Doctoral Research Supervision (some recent titles)

- Properties and application of alginate and chitosan edible films incorporating natural antimicrobial agents.
- Thermostable a-amylases from hyperthermal springs of Ethiopia : isolation, purification, characterization and application.
- Yield and functional properties of starch extracted from dry cassava chips.
- Fermentative production, purification and application of microbial transferase for the synthesis of valuable iso-oligosaccharides.


- Member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Washington DC, USA
- Editorial Board of the Asian Agricultural Journal of the Asian Association of Agricultural Engineers, January, 2004
- Secretary General and Foundation Member, Asian Association for Agricultural - Engineering (AAAE), AIT, Bangkok, Thailand.
- Member of the Indian Biotechnology Society, N. Delhi, India
- Foundation Member, Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering (AAAE), AIT, Thailand.
- Member, Indian Society of Biotechnology, N. Delhi, India.

Some Recent International Peer-reviewed Journal Papers

Enhancing antimicrobial activity of chitosan films by incorporating garlic oil, potassium sorbate and nisin. Y.Pranoto, S. K. Rakshit and V.M.Salokhe, Food Science and Technology/ Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft und -Technologie LWT (Elsevier) , Vol 38/8 pp 859-865, 2005.

Yudi Pranato, V. M. Salokhe and S. K. Rakshit (2005). Physical and antibacterial properties of alginate-based edible film incorporated with garlic oil. Food Research International, 38:267-272.

Effect of dry cassava chip storage on functional properties of extracted starch. Solomon Abera and S. K. Rakshit. Starch/Starke (Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH), Vol. 56, No.6, pp. 232-240, 2004.

Developments in industrially important thermostable enzymes: a review. Gulelat D. Haki and S. K. Rakshit. Bioresources Technology (Elsevier Science Ltd.),Vol. 89, No. 1, pp.17-34 (2003) (Selected among ScienceDirect TOP25 Hottest articles in the subject Area Energy, January 2005).

Some Other Recent Publications / Presentations:

Bioinformatics bonanza, The Nation newspaper, Science and technology section, August August, 30, 2003, pp. 5A.

Proteomics - building on the success of genomics, The Nation newspaper, Science and technology section, September 7, 2003, pp. 5A. (Genomics to proteomics in web site)

Research Needs in Functional foods and nutraceuticals, S. K. Rakshit, Plenary Lecture, 2nd International Conference on innovations in Food Processing Technology and Engineering, 11-13 January, 2005, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand.
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