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 (Assoc. Professor Dr.) Foo Hooi Ling
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(Assoc. Professor Dr.) Foo Hooi Ling

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English, Mandarin, Malay

Areas of expertise:
Protein and Food Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Plant biochemistry, Microbiology

Foo Hooi Ling was born in Penang, Malaysia. She was granted Kuok Foundation Scholarship in 1990 to pursue her tertiary education in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). She was then continued her postgraduate study in Diploma of Education at University of Malaya in 1993 after obtaining the degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biochemistry & Microbiology. In 1994, she was offered a scholarship by UPM to pursue a doctoral degree and completed her PhD thesis in 1998 at Imperial College at Wye, University of London, United Kingdom.

She became a Tutor of UPM in 1995 and promoted to Associate Professor in 2003. Together with her colleagues, she has supervised 23 postgraduate students, 11 of whom have graduated. Besides teaching, she and her colleagues have secured more than 9 research grants since 1998. In recognition of her teaching and research contributions, she has received several awards from UPM, as well as at the national and international research exhibitions. In addition, she also obtained 2 travel grants from UPM to present 5 papers at the international conferences.

She also secured a Cochran Fellowship offered by United State of Department Agriculture in 2003 to attend the “Agriculture Biotechnology Short Course”. As for the extension and public services, she was invited to be the manuscript reviewer for several refereed journals. She also has vast experiences as external and internal examiners for postgraduate theses. She is an elected committee member of Malaysian Society for Microbiology (MSM) from year 2001 to 2008. She was elected as the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of MSM from year 2004 to 2008.

In addition, she also gave consultation to private companies, which she used it as the training platform for undergraduates and to enhance the linkages between the university and industries. Apart from that, she is one of the active organizing committee for the workshops and seminars organised by the Faculty and Institute of Bioscience of UPM and MSM.

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