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 Prof. Dr. Rujhan bin Mustafa
Prof. Dr. Rujhan bin Mustafa

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English, Japanese, Malay

Areas of expertise:
International Economics/Political Economy of East Asian Economies


1996-Ph.D (International Economics), Ritsumeikan University, Japan
1993-M.A (International Economics), Ritsumeikan University, Japan
1988-B. A (Hons.-Upper Division), University of Malaya, Malaysia


International Appointments

The Japan Foundation Fellow - Takushoku University, Japan (May - August 2004)
AIEJ Foreign Research Fellow - Ritsumeikan University, Japan (October to December 2002)
Research Fellow - The Tokyo Foundation, Japan (June 2001 - March 2002)
Visiting Research Fellow - Keio University, Japan (December 2000 - April 2001)
Foreign Guest Scholar - Kyoto University, Japan (April - October 1996)
MONBUSHO Scholars - Ritsumeikan University, Japan (May-August 2004)

National Appointments

Director - Dept of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (August 2005 - present)
Officer - Official Security Act (OSA) 1972 (September 2005 - Present)
Council Member - Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (October 2005 - present)
Board of Directors - Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris (September 2005 - present)
Boards of Directors - Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia (2006 - present)

University Appointment

Acting Dean - Faculty of Economics and Business, University Malaysia Sarawak (Jan-Feb 2005)
Deputy Dean (P&P) - Faculty of Economics and Business, University Malaysia Sarawak (Feb 2004 - 2006)
Univ. Publication Com. - University Malaysia Sarawak (Jan 2004 - 2006)
Deputy Dean (R&P) - Faculty of Economics and Business (Feb 2002 - 2004)
Director - Centre for Innovation and Knowledge Management (November 2000 - 2002)
Deputy Dean (A) - Faculty of Economics and Business (November 1999 - 2000)
Course Coordinator Head - Comparative Management, FEB (January 1999-2002)
Core Group - Economic Reasoning and Financial Order (October 1998 - 2000)
Programme Head - Industrial Economics and Organisation, FEB (November 1997 - 1999)
Deputy Dean - Faculty of Economics and Business (November 1997 - 1999)
Acting Dean - Faculty of Economics and Business (Jun - July 1997)


Completed Projects:
Title: Financial Crisis and Malaysia’s Economic Development
Fund: -
Period: 1998-2000
Researcher: Rujhan Mustafa, Zaiton Ali

Publication Produced:
(a) Rujhan M., 2000.
“Malaysia’s Financial Crisis: Policy Responses and Prospects”, in Abd Rahman Embong & Jurgen Y. (Eds.) Southeast Asia into the Twenty First Century: Critical Transition, Continuity and Change, Penerbit UKM/Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNS), 82-101. Bangi.
(b)Cited by Wilfrido V. Villacorta, in ‘Political Dimension of Globalization and quity in East Asia’, 1-49.
(c) Cited by Alexis McGinness, in ‘The Human Face of the Asia Financial Crisis in Malaysia and Indonesia’, 45-59.
(d) Rujhan M & Shazali Abu Mansor, 2000
State Support for SMI Before and During Economic Crisis in Malaysia,
Refereed Proceeding, Paper No 53. SMEs in a Global Economy Conference, Wollongong, Australia.
(e) Rujhan M., Jan 2000
“Krisis Kewangan dan Arah Baru Ekonomi Asia Timur: Masadepan Industry Kecil dan Sederhana di Malaysia, presented at the Seminar Persatuan Pedagang dan Pengusaha Melayu Malaysia (PERDASAMA), Kuala Lumpur.
(f) Zaiton Ali & Rujhan M., 2000.
The Impact of Economic Crisis on the Construction and Property Sectors, in MIER Proceeding, Kuala Lumpur.
(g) Rujhan M. & Shazali, 1999.
Malaysia’s Financial Crisis and Contraction in Human Resource: Policies and Lessons for SMIs, in APEC Human Resource Management Symposium on SMEs, APEC Proceeding, Chinese Taipei.
(h) Rujhan Mustafa, 1999
“Public Spending and Human Resources”, paper presented at the ES-PSI Workshop: The Role of Trade Union in the Asian Countries Economic Recovery, Langkawi. Oct
(i) Rujhan, Rajah, Hamri, 1999.
“Multinational Corporation and Technology Transfer: Malaysia’s Attempts to Move Up The Technology Trajectory”, paper presented at Seminar Kebangsaan Koperasi Malaysia, Kuching. Sep
(j) Rujhan M., Jun 1999
“Malaysia’s Financial Crisis: Current Status and Prospects”, paper presented at the 4th ASEAN Inter-University Seminar on Social Development, Thailand.

Title: Foreign Workers in Malaysia
Fund: -
Period: 1997-1998
Researchers: Rujhan Mustafa, Prof. MG Kanbur

Publication Produced:
(a) Rujhan M &. MG Kanbur 1998.
”Japanese Experience in Handling Migrant Workers: Lessons for Malaysia”, MIER Proceeding, MIER Conference on Migrant Workers and The Malaysian Economy, KL.
(b) Cited by Kang Siew Li, in Business Times (FOCUS) May 25, 1998.

Title: Economic Development and Environment in Malaysia
Fund: The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur
Period: 2001-2002
Researchers: Rujhan Mustafa, Hamri Tuah, Fumitaka Furuoka, Wake Yoko

Publication Produced:
(a)Report submitted to the Japan Foundation
(b) Rujhan M. & Wake Yoko, 2001.
Rethinking Economic Development and Environmental Management: The Experience of Japan and Lessons for East Asian Countries, Refereed Proceeding, International Conference on Disaster Management, Surabaya, Indonesia.
(c) Rujhan M. & Wake Yoko, 2001
Economic Development and Environmental Management: A Lesson from Japan, Refereed Proceeding, International Conference on Industry and Environment in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
(d) Rujhan M., 2002
Economy and Environment: Japan’s Pollution Experience, Proceeding, The 3rd International Conference on Disaster Management, Kuching Sarawak. May
(e) Cited in (Page 10)

Title: The Asian Economy in the 21st century: The Role of Japan’s Economic Policy
Fund: The Tokyo Foundation, Japan
Period: 2001-2002
Researcher: Rujhan Mustafa

Publication Produced:
(a) Rujhan, 2003
“Strategies of Japanese MNEs in Changing World Economy”, Conference Proceedings for the International Workshop on New Perspectives on Asian Epistemologies: Japan, organized by the Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya, Sept. 22-24.
(b)Cited by Patricia Martinez, in AEInews, 14-15.
(c) Rujhan M., 2002
The Asian Economy in the 21st century: The Role of Japan’s Economic Policy, Proceeding, Asia Pacific Economics and Business Conference, Kuching Sarawak, May 2002

Title: Japan-ASEAN Economic Integration
Fund: Association for International Exchange Japan
Period: 2002-2003
Researchers: Rujhan Mustafa, Nishiguchi Kiyokatsu

Publication Produced:
(a) Rujhan M, 2006
“Higashi Ajia Keizai Kyougitai (EAEC) Kousou to ASEAN + 3 (Initiative for EAEC and ASEAN + 3”, in Higahsi Ajia Kyoudoutai no Kouchiku (East Asian Community Building), Minerva, Japan.
(b) Rujhan M., 2003
“Japan and East Asian Economic Integration”, Conference Proceedings, Int. Conference on Global Business & Economic Development, Bangkok, Jan. 2003. (Montclair State Univ.)
(b) Rujhan M., Dec 2002.
“Japan and Regional Economic Integration in East Asia”, paper presented at the 2nd Economic Seminar Series, The BKC International Seminar, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto.

Title: East Asian Economic Integration
Fund: Fundamental Grant, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
Period: 2003 -2004
Researcher: Rujhan Mustafa

Publication Produced:
(a) Rujhan, 2004
“The Current Status on East Asian Economic Integration”, in Proceedings of FEA Regional Conference, University of Malaya. Kuala Lumpur 2004. ISBN No. 983-9662-18-X.
(b) Rujhan, 2007
“Pembangunan Ekonomi Integrasi Asia Timur”, Unimas

Title: The Political Economy of East Asian Economic Integration
Fund: The Japan Foundation
Period: 2004-2005
Researchers: Rujhan Mustafa, Hirato Oihsii

Publication Produced:
(a) Rujhan, 2005
“Dynamism of East Asian Economic Integration”, in Proceedings of The 9th International Conference on Global Business & Economic Development, Vol. 1, pp 30-39.Hanyang University, Seoul. May.
(b) Rujhan, 2005
“Mareshia kara mita Higashi Ajia Chiiki Keizai Tougo” (in Japanese) (A Malaysian Perspective of East Asian Regional Economic Integration) , in [Sekai no naka no Nippon], Vol 24, Takushoku University, Tokyo. May
(c) Rujhan, 2005
“The Concept of EAEC and ASEAN Plus Three”, in Proceedings of The International Symposium “For Building East Asia Community”, Institute of International Relations and Area Studies, Ritsumeikan University. Jan.

Title: Dampak Globalisasi Ekonomi ke atas Liberalisasi Perdagangan di Asia Pasifik (Impact of Globalization on Trade Liberalization in Asia Pacific)
Fund: Unimas Fundamental Grant
Period: 2005-current
Researchers: Rujhan Mustafa, Fathan Soestrisno, Shaolian Liao, Rugayah Muhamad

Publication Produced:
(a) Rujhan, 2007
“China and Malaysia in East Asian Economic Integartion’, in Emerging Trading Nation in an Integrating World: Global Impact and Domestic Challenges of China’s Economic Reform, Emile Kok-Kheng Yeoh (Eds.), University of Malaya. ISBN 978-983-2085-86-7
(b) Rujhan & Shaolian, 2005
“Evaluation of China’s Economy Strategy and Its Impact on ASEAN” in Proceedings of the 4th International Convention of Asian Scholars, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai. Aug.
(c) Rujhan & Rugayah Mohamed, 2005
“The Impact of the Rise of China and Regional Economic Integration: A Malaysian Perspective” in Proceedings of International Symposium on Malaysia and Sino-Malaysia Relations, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Xiamen University, China.

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