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 Associate Professor Jonas Baes
Associate Professor Jonas Baes

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Filipino, English, German

Areas of expertise:
music composition; cultural politics; Philippine studies; marginality; indigenous Philippine peoples

Dr. Jonas Baes is a composer and ethnomusicologist who studied at the UP College of Music [1977-1982] and at the Freiburg Musikhochschule in Germany [1992-1994]. In 2004, he graduated with a PhD in Philippine Studies from the University of the Philippines. His papers on the Iraya-Mangyan of Mindoro and on topics such as cultural politics, hegemony and marginality have been published in internationally refereed journals. His music compositions have been performed in various international festivals in Asia, Europe and the United States. He is presently the Chair of the Department of Composition and Theory at the UP College of Music.

Baes, J [2007a]. “Iraya-Mangyan internal refugees from Mindoro island and spaces of low-intensity conflict in the Philippines.” In Shima: The International Journal of Research into island Cultures Vol. 1/No. 1 [Paper for the 2006 Colloquium, “Island Cultures in Transition: an interdisciplinary colloquium on island cultures in the Asia Pacific region' at the University of Hong Kong 22nd Nov-24th Nov. 2006]*

Baes, Jonas (2005a/2007) “From Ading to Nothingness: Questions on Maceda’s Music and Imagination of Philippine Society.” In FoArM Journal Volume 5 (autonomy)[Paper read at conference “Ugma-ugma,” commemorating the first death anniversary of national artist Jose Maceda. University of the Philippines and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, May 2005].

Baes, Jonas (2004c). “Indigenous instruments in the Philippine recording industry: reification in an evolving/non-evolving soundscape of cultural difference” in Traditional Music in the Globalization Context. Hanoi: The Vietnamese Institute of Musicology.

Baes, Jonas (2004a) “To the Memory of an Angel: Philippine Indigenous Music and the Politics of Cultural Appropriation” in Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies Vol. 2/No. 1*

Baes, Jonas and Eve Klein (2002) " Land Rights, Marginalisation and Ethnomusicology in the Philippines: A discussion of the Politics behind Nostalgia in a Denuded Rainforest" in Perfect Beat: The Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture. (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia) Vol 6/ No. 1 *

Baes, Jonas (2002) " That's Ethnomusicology-or-Could my Study of Songs help Indigenous Philippine Peoples in Disputes over Ancestral Domain?" in Perfect Beat: The Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture Vol. 5/ No. 4 *

Baes, Jonas (2002) "Composers in the Philippines: Counterstreams in a Post-Colonial Epoch" in Asian Composers in the 20th Century. Tokyo: The Japan Federation of Composers.

Baes, Jonas (2002) "Towards a Political Economy of the 'Real': Music Piracy and the Philippine Cultural Imaginary" Paper read at the Conference on "Media Practice and Performance Across Cultures" March 14-17, 2002, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Also available online at

Baes, Jonas (2002) "Towards a Theory of Structuration in Philippine Oral Traditions: 7-Syllable Texts and the
Performance of Three Vocal Genres in the Philippines" in A Search for a theory of Music in Asia Quezon City: University of the Philippines press[paper read at the 7th International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology. Manila, February 17-23, 2002]

Baes, Jonas (2001) "The Cultural Politics of Music Research in Southern Philippines: The Dynamics of
Intercultural Communication when a Researcher is an Insider and an Outsider" in Journal of Intercultural
Studies Vol. 22/ No.2*

Baes, Jonas (2001) "Landscapes and Soundscapes: Marginality and Power in the Performance of Traditional Music in a Changing Philippine Society" in Essays in Musicology. Seoul, Korea: Hanyang University

Baes, Jonas (2000) " Peripheral Identities: Popularising Indigenous Music in Mainstream Philippine Society"
in T. Mitchell (ed) Changing Sounds: New Directions and Configurations in Popular Music Sydney:
University of Technology, Sydney

Baes, Jonas and Amapola Baes (1998) "East-West Synthesis or Cultural Hegemony in Philippine Popular Music?" in Perfect Beat: The Pacific Journal of Research on Contemporary Music and Popular Culture Vol. 4/ No. 1; [also read the Conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Kanazawa, Japan. July 1997]*

Baes, Jonas (1997) "Subing: An Iraya-Mangyan Trump from the Philippines" in Vierundzwandzigsteljahrschrift der Internationalen Maultrommelvirtuosengenossenschaft 6: 106-112

Baes, Jonas (1995) "From the Igway to the Bulaklakan: The Structure of Transmission of Iraya-Mangyan
Song from Mindoro, Philippines" in Dynamics of Asian Music: Tradition and its Modification.
Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology.

Baes, Jonas (1988) "Marayaw and the Changing Context of Power among the Iraya of Mindoro, Philippines"
in The International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music Vol. 19 (2): 259-267*

Baes, Jonas (1987) "Ya-Ye-Yo-Na-I-Yu-Nan: Swaying in Iraya Vocal Music from Mindoro, Philippines"
in Ethnomusicology 31 (2): 229-239*


Baes, Jonas [2002] Nostalgia in a Denuded Rainforest: Iraya-Mangyan Music from Mindoro, Philippines. A Compact Disc with Ethnographic Notes produced under the sponsorship of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the "Tunugan" Foundation

Auit Chamber Vocal Ensemble [1999] Soundstreams. A collection of music compositions by Jose Maceda, Ramon P. Santos, Josefino Chino Toledo, Jonas Baes, and Robin Estrada. Produced by AUIT Chamber Vocal Ensemble under the sponsorship of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Tunugan Foundation.

Santos, Ramon P. and Jonas Baes [1998]. Mindanao Highlands Music: Tradition and Change. Produced under the sponsorship of the National Research Council of the Philippines and the Philippine Centennial Commission
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