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 (Professor Dr.) Suhaila Mohamed
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(Professor Dr.) Suhaila Mohamed

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English, Malay

Areas of expertise:
Functional Food/ Nutraceutical

Professor Dr. Suhaila Mohamed received her B.Sc Hons in Food Science and Physiology (Combined studies, double major) from University of Leeds UK in 1977. She then obtained a PhD degree from University of Leeds UK in 1981 where she researched from 1978 to 1980 on the Bio-physicochemical properties of protein alginate gels.

She began her professional academic career at the Department of Food Science, UPM as a Tutor in 1978 and was appointed a Lecturer in 1981. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 1990 and was made a Professor in 1996. Her research career focused on the Functional Food and Bio-physico-chemical properties of Food. She was the Head of the Technology Commercialisation Unit, University Business Centre, UPM from 1996-1997; Head of BioAssay Unit 1, Interim Laboratory, National Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Institute, Ministry of Science Technology and Environment 2001-2005; Head of Functional Food Laboratory, Faculty of Food Science and Technology, UPM, 2006-to date; National Executive Committee member of the use of Halal products, Malaysian Islamic Centre, Prime Ministers Department 1982-1997; National Executive committee member of Malaysian Muslim Women Consultation Board, Prime Minister's Department from 2000-to date; and has been the Hon. Secretary and Chairman of UPM's Woman staff Association PERMATA.

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*(a full list of publications will be available on request)
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