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 Professor Ken Takeda
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Professor Ken Takeda

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Areas of expertise:
health effects, diesel exhaust, nanomaterials, nanotoxicological sciences, nanoparticles

1965~1969 Tokyo University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
1969~1974 Graduated School of Tokyo University
1974~1976 Assistant at the Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Showa University
1976~1986 Assistant Professor
1986~1995 Associate Professor
1995~ Professor at the Department of Hygiene- Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science University of Tokyo
2000~2006 Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science University of Tokyo

1) Ono N, Oshio S, Niwata Y, Yoshida S, Tsukue N, Sugawara I, Takano H, Takeda K. Prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust impairs mouse spermatogenesis. Inhalat Toxicol 19, 275-281, 2007

2) Sugamata M, Ihara T, Sugamata M, Takeda K. Maternal exposure to diesel exhaust leads to pathological similarity to autism in newborns. J Health Sci 52: 82-84, 2006

3) Sugamata M, Ihara T, Takano H, Oshio S, Takeda K. Maternal diesel exhaust exposure damages newborn murine brains. J Health Sci 52: 82-84, 2006.

4) Yoshida S, Ono N, Tsukue N, Oshio S, Umeda T, Takano H, Takeda, K. In utero exposure to diesel exhaust increased accessory reproductive gland weight and serum testosterone concentration in male mice. Environ Sci 13:139-147, 2006.

5) Yoshida S, Yoshida M, Sugawara I, Takeda, K. Mice Strain Differences in effects of fetal exposure to diesel exhaust gas on male gonadal differentiation. Environ Sci 13:117-123, 2006.
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