Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA)
Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA)

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The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations, better known by its acronym FOMCA, is a national non-governmental organization that is voluntary, non-profit, non-political and civic-oriented. It is the umbrella body of registered consumer associations in Malaysia. FOMCA, founded on 10th June 1973, links the activities of consumer associations in Malaysia as well as at the international level and works towards strengthening consumer protection through lobbying, networking, representation, campaigning and education.

FOMCA’s work is focused on empowering consumers in the context of a developing country with a growing consumerist society. In this regard, it goes beyond the traditional role of consumer protection in the marketplace, which has been called the “value for money” approach. Instead, FOMCA advocates a “value for people”, “value for environment” and “value for money” paradigm.

The formation of numerous consumer associations by the early 1970s such as the Selangor Consumer Associations, Consumers Association of Penang, Consumers Association of Sarawak, Consumers Association of Negeri Sembilan, Consumers Association of Kedah, Perak Consumer Association and Consumer Association of Malacca resulted in the government calling for the establishment of a federation for consumer associations to coordinate their advocacy activities. The main objectives and roles of FOMCA are to;

o Serve as the coordinating, consultative and advisory agency of its registered member consumer associations in Malaysia.
o Address and advocate the consumer interest in order to promote consumer welfare.
o Resolve consumer issues through policy development and advocacy.
o Provide representation for member associations to deal with the government.
o Disseminate consumer information and undertake consumer education.

FOMCA also represents the consumer interest in policy making and policy implementation in various ministries and agencies such as the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, etc.

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