Event dates: Monday, 14th April 2008 09:00 AM to Saturday, 19th April 2008 18:00 PM

Location: Jeju Island, South Korea Contact: Announcements
5th International Crop Science Congress 2008

Jeju, S Korea - This occasion will be an excellent opportunity for many crop scientists from diverse regions of the world to interact with each other and to exchange scientific information.

Rapid development in crop production research has been chiefly responsible for great progress in agricultural development, resulting in four-fold increase in average crop yields and six-fold rise in total harvest during the past 50 years. However, crop science is increasingly confronted by the threats to human health and environmental degradation. Thus, crop science faces the challenge to offer solutions in ensuring poverty alleviation, food security, and balanced diet for the growing world population through the development of sustainable cropping systems that have beneficial effects on the environment.

The International Crop Science Congress is a product of the increasing awareness that scientific advancement in developing crop production systems that are both sustainable and able to meet the increasing demands for food production can be achieved through international cooperation among crop scientists.

The theme of the 5th ICSC, ‘Recognizing Past Achievements, Meeting Future Needs!’ is appropriate for the establishment of the future direction of crop production systems.

For growers that want a first-hand look at the most comprehensive display of new seed and crop technology, 5th ICSC offers the perfect venue. Major seed and chemical companies will present seed and crop input plot demos, showcasing their newest products - all in one place. Visitors can talk with company representatives about the uses and benefits of the latest products and explore the plots up close.

Contract R&D and consulting

Formulation and packaging

Sprayers, other field and laboratory application equipment and instrumentation

Finished agricultural products - chemical and biopesticides, fertilizers and nutrients

Biotech chemicals, equipment, and instrumentation

Publishing and IT

Primary manufacturing


Visitor's Profile:
Professionals related to the field of Crop Science, Environmental Protection, Biotech, Food, and Agrochemistry, lab & Analysts, Packaging and Storage Techniques, Resources Development are the target visitors.

Exhibitor's Profile:
Profile for exhibit include Chemical Apparatus and plant installation, Chemical process tech, maintenance and QC, Environmental Protection, Petrochemistry, Biotech, P harmaceutics, Food, and Agrochemistry, lab & Analysts, Packaging and Storage Techniques, Resources Development, Research Institute, Publications& Associations etc.

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Tel. +82-2-880-4559 Fax + 82-2-6000-1306
Email: icsc2008@snu.ac.kr


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