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Call for Proposals - Translational Skin Biology

The British High Commission in Singapore announces a Call for Proposals to support the initial stages of new collaborations between UK and Southeast Asia researchers in the field of Translational Skin Biology. Applications by 14th December 2012.



Translational Skin Biology

Call for Proposals

Key dates

• Applications by 14th Dec 2012
• Decision notification by end December 2012
• Travel to be complete and invoices submitted by 4th March 2013


The British High Commission in Singapore announces a Call for Proposals to support the initial stages of new collaborations between UK and Southeast Asia researchers in the field of

Translational Skin Biology

1. The available funds are intended to catalyse new collaborations between researchers in SE Asia and the UK. Funds are available to support the following activities:

• Visit researchers in complementary fields in the UK for developing research collaborations
• Fund short secondments of researchers to a potential partner’s research laboratory in the UK to evaluate the viability of joint projects or to develop project proposals

2. Funds awarded under this call can be used to develop contacts and proposals for joint projects. They are not intended to fund research itself – this would have to be supported by the usual national mechanisms.

What Is Available

3. The scheme is intended to support the development of collaboration between scientists and policy makers in the UK and SE Asia in the field of Translational Skin Biology. The awards are to support travel and subsistence from SE Asia to the UK. Requests for funding can be made to spend time in the UK, visiting one or more laboratories, for example to identify opportunities for collaboration, or to discuss specific projects with Universities or companies. The value of the awards funded under this call will be up to a maximum of Singapore Dollar $3,500 per visit. Costs that can be requested are economy class airfares, hotel room, both of which you can book through our appointed travel agent, subsistence in the UK (at rates to be specified by the British High Commission in the approval letter), travel within the UK and visa costs. No other costs will be allowed. See attached note.

The British High Commission should receive all claim forms/invoices/receipts for reimbursement of costs approved under these awards no later than 4h March 2013. Payment will not be made until the report specified in paragraph 6 below has been received.

Who can apply

4. Researchers in Universities, Polytechnics, Research Institutes and companies in SE Asia are eligible to apply.


5. The purpose of the awards is to enable researchers to spend time with potential partner institutions to gain an in-depth understanding of their research and formulate proposals for future collaborative research, which can then be put to funding bodies. In submitting the application for an award, the proposal will need to include an action plan that gives details of the main activities, including a visit timetable and potential future submissions to funding bodies. Each successful applicant will also be required to write a short report (2-3 pages), within one month of the visit, specifying the actual outcomes and actions arising from discussions with their host(s).

How to apply

6. Applications should be made, in English, on the attached application form.


7. A Peer Review Panel in Singapore will assess each application.
The selection criteria will include:

- the benefits likely to accrue from the visit
- the potential for collaborative research which may result from the proposed contacts
- complementarity of the experience/expertise of the two teams.

Application Deadline

8. The original of the application in English should be received by no later than 14th December 2012. We expect to notify applicants of decisions by end December 2012.

Further Information

9. If you need further information or have any questions please contact:
The Science and Innovation Team at the British High Commission in Singapore via e-mail at:

Completed applications (an electronic version can be found at should be sent to the British High Commission as specified on the application form. Email submission will be accepted.

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